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submit failed retry

Consider this (dont mind the reg disabled...):

submit failed=inurl:registration-disabled
submit failed retry=registration is disabled<

1.SER visits the url, in log you can see:
reigstration failed (inurl:registration-disabled)
2. Due to "submit failed retry" SER still tries to submit 4 times.
reigstration failed (inurl:registration-disabled)
reigstration failed (inurl:registration-disabled)
reigstration failed (inurl:registration-disabled)
reigstration failed (inurl:registration-disabled)

So, even that we told SER that submit failed (which should have priority and end the posting? ) SER keeps posting beacuse it found "submit failed retry".

What do you think?

Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    yes good point...I will try to modify this behavior.


  • Ok please keep informed!
  • Is proxy changed on submit failed retry? 
  • Please also take a look at "url must have" "page must have" in the STEP. They also should have priority over "submit" messages.
  • SvenSven
    proxy is changed on each retry.
  • if you changed priority it is not working
  • SvenSven
    priority on what?
  • submit failed over submit failed retry (1st post)
  • SvenSven
    you mean it is not changing the proxy when retrying the step? It really should do that. How many proxies do you have ?
  • @Sven

    Nothing to do with proxies. "Submit failed retry" has priority over "submit failed".

    So i tell SER -> "submit failed" this submission failed please stop. But SER also sees messages for "submit failed retry" and retries the submission.
  • SvenSven
    ahh yes thats how it can even skip the "submit failed" line and SER will add all it found in "submit failed retry" to the "submit failed" definition.

    It was really meant to work like that. Why would you add it to the "retry" if you don't want it at all?
  • >> Why would you add it to the "retry" if you don't want it at all?

    Very good question. Imagine a register page with html tag id="register_error"

    If you download this page and you see "register_error" it means that you cannot register.
    But if "register_error" is not here and you submit registriation form, you receive "register_error" (usernaem too long). I tried to use "page must have" "url must have" but i guess its only for the SETUP step or i did something wrong, beacuse it didnt work.

  • SvenSven
    then you would put there "usernaem too long" in submit retry no?
  • @sven i would like to put register_error to catch all possible errors to keep it simple stupid
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