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Threads and Proxies in GSA CG

Hello GSA Team,

I have 20 pcs of semi-dedicated rotating proxies from Blazeseollc.
When using them in GSA Ser, I set up 200 threads. 
But I am confused how many threads I can set up in the GSA CG by using these rotating proxies. 
I know CG is scraping and threads should be low, but I am not sure how many threads are good. 

Besides, I wanna create 5 or 6 projects before I get on bed, and let it run so I can have the results when I wake up.
But I am not sure if it is good to let them run at the same time. Or I should schedule them? But I can't find the place to schedule the projects. 

Appreciate in advance for your reply.


  • ming44025ming44025 China
    edited July 2019
    I am thinking if I can set up 20 threads in GSA CB  CG by using 20 pcs of semi-dedicated rotating proxies, because now it is taking over 1 hour to finish a project, I want it faster.
  • SvenSven
    It depends on the amount of sources and keywords you have chosen in the projects. Using 20 threads for the 20 proxies should be fine for CG though. I wouldn't go over 100.
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