Threads and Proxies in GSA CG

Hello GSA Team,

I have 20 pcs of semi-dedicated rotating proxies from Blazeseollc.
When using them in GSA Ser, I set up 200 threads. 
But I am confused how many threads I can set up in the GSA CG by using these rotating proxies. 
I know CG is scraping and threads should be low, but I am not sure how many threads are good. 

Besides, I wanna create 5 or 6 projects before I get on bed, and let it run so I can have the results when I wake up.
But I am not sure if it is good to let them run at the same time. Or I should schedule them? But I can't find the place to schedule the projects. 

Appreciate in advance for your reply.


  • ming44025ming44025 China
    edited July 3
    I am thinking if I can set up 20 threads in GSA CB  CG by using 20 pcs of semi-dedicated rotating proxies, because now it is taking over 1 hour to finish a project, I want it faster.
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    It depends on the amount of sources and keywords you have chosen in the projects. Using 20 threads for the 20 proxies should be fine for CG though. I wouldn't go over 100.
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