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I know how to run gsa ranker campaign but i dont know how to run serengines

Do i need to run serengines seperately when i run a campaign. Or can i scrape for taget url and at the same time post to different engines and at the same time use serengines to create web 2.0 and social profile. 

Also can I use regular emails like gmail for serengines and also do j need to search for taget url to use serengines.


  • SvenSven
    You don't need a separate project at all here.

    Though some customers do that to more control there captcha setup and other options that would be more advanced for serengines to allow less filtering and more expensive/better captcha services.
  • Ok but do i need keywords to scrape for taget url? When using serengines. And also can i use regular gmail pop 3 enabled for my projekt.  Even for gsaserengines
  • SvenSven
    You should always enter niche related keywords. However, they are not that important for engines with a fixed url as there is no need to scrape urls.
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