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Skip sites from the following languages

I'm using English content, Shall I Must Enabled Language "English" Only? Skip other languages.
Where it filter in whole site meta or site posts? How is identify the site is English or other language?

Mostly what is the benefit of this future (Advantage/Dis-Advantage).
Please advice me and share your experience.


  • SvenSven
    The language detection of a site is done in several way:
    a) lang= tag in html source
    b) words used
    c) encoding used
    d) domain ending
    e) ip location of domain registered in what country -> language spoken there
    The use of such filtering is usually don't want to place your content in the middle of a site that has a different language than you. Though some SEO experts don't give much out of this and rank sites even with that mismatch.
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