Content for gsa

So i need content for gsa. Mostly for articles but also for the other stuff like filling in The fields.

Do i need another software for this besides gsa or can i only use gsa like for an example search online for articles


  • SvenSven
    With SER itself you can fill only partly things automatically. The articles and some fileds on the DATA tab. However, the data is not unique and most likely duplicate content and not that good. It might be OK for lower tiers but you should really get the content from somewhere else.

    You have some options listed here:
  • Why does gsa ranker not create their own, content generator and spinner and email creator, it feels like the software is complete, i am tired of buying third party softwares just to use gsa :(

  • SvenSven
    GSA Search Engine Ranker is a 99 USD application coming with free updates and a life time license. See what you have included there already.
    SER has a spinner (based on libreoffice thesaurus), email creator using and a basic content generator. Its not all perfect but it also makes not much sense adding this very time consuming part like a content generation to SER as well. It's already overloaded with options and customers are confused with it.

    A seperate tool (at least for content generation) made more sense.
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