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Target Url Import from text file splitting not working properly

Hi @Sven
I am trying to import a 400 mb target urls text file and split them in 300 projects. But what actually happening is that few urls are added to first of the selected projected and then few urls are added to randomly other project and then more than 90% of the target urls are added to last selected project. Mean while also lots of projects out of 300 ones dont even get a target url . I have tried this with different text files and even tried with different projects but every time this is happening that splitting is not being done properly no matter I randomize them or not. I have added a Video recording of the process which actually is happening. GSA ser version is 13.72 and is happening the same with updated and older versions. Please check this video and let me know what is the issue and how can I fix it. Thanks.
Here is the video


  • SvenSven
    Thanks for the Video...trying to debug that now...
    Thanked by 1AsimNawaz
  • SvenSven
    fixed in next update
    Thanked by 2AsimNawaz andrzejek
  • I guess this is the same issue. We never recheck whether the import was properly done or not and then end up worrying where the links have gone.

    Thank you so much @Sven

  • @Sven
    I have updates gsa ser but still the same problem :( Importing a 300 mbs text file to 250 projects and still the same issue. Ser splits properly to early 20-30 and then remaining gets zero and then the last one gets all of the target urls. Tried diff text files too
  • SvenSven
    can you end the project backup + import file?
  • @Sven please check your inbox for the files
  • SvenSven
    the problem is within that file. It has a big block of bogus data in it, on that whole block it can not find any URL and so further import fails and the rest of the file is imported to the last project. I will try to fix that based on that file you sent me.
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  • Thank you so much @Sven  Really appreciate your efforts. Loved it
  • Actually I am scraping and also using the verified links from gsa ser itself and merging all the files. And then importing them to gsa ser for tier 2 links. For file viewing I am using Notepad++ . Can you please just let me know how to analyze the text file for bogus or any invalid lines or characters that can cause ser to bug?

    I am really thankful again for such a support. You have the worlds best fastest and the most efficient support. Really amazed
  • SvenSven
    if you load that into notepad++ you will see some very long lines. Thats obviously not correct. I don'T know from where these lines are.
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