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No E-Mail found matches mask !*@*.*.* !* !* !* !*

Hello everyone, I am getting this error a lot in GSA SER today. I need to know, why I may be getting this error and what exactly does it mean? I am going to attach a screenshot here

More info: I use VPS, SEREngine, SERMail, 2captcha, 10 Dedicated proxies for this campaign.


  • SvenSven
    It means that this particular site/platform/engine does not accept emails from these email providers. They are banned. I have to admit that the error message is not very readable but thats due to the script language.

    So if you want to submit to that site, you might have to use other email accounts.
  • Thank you, Sven, for your reply. I actually do not know any other email provider.

    First of all, I purchased emails from but I was told that their emails are not catchall emails, so I had to purchase emails from SEREmails. If SEREmails is not working for all the platforms out there, then can you please suggest me any other platform. Or if I have not understood what exactly you mean, please explain a little for a dummy person like me.
  • SvenSven
    noone said that there emails do not work on all platforms. Just this particular one. Maybe it does not allow free email accounts at all...if so, you can as well uncheck it and skip that engine. It shouldn't be many sites that are so strict on there email usage.
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