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Handle status codes in engine.ini

We could determine if sumission is successfull by status code. We can say engine does not match by status code, and more... Can that be already done? 


  • SvenSven
    no, but what engine only shows a success/fail by status code?
  • Wordpress xmlrpc for example a lot of security rules. 404,403,401
    Don't you think that status code should be handled beacuse sometimes we just waste time? Why look for an answer if we can decide by status code? :) It is in headers already, so we can even skip downloading the body.
  • SvenSven
    but that xmlrpc also returns data in the html to rely on
  • andrzejekandrzejek Polska
    edited June 2019
    Yes it does, and it is fine. But headers are in general very good way to handle things.
    We can filter out the bad websites and avoid debugging them etc. if a server returns a status code ex. 503 we should trust the server that submission failed. 

    edit: false positives are pain in the ...
  • SvenSven
    next update allows you to use e.g.
    status failed=httpstatus:500
    Thanked by 1andrzejek
  • Are you sure it is correct?
    In engine.ini

    status failed=httpstatus:200|httpstatus:404|httpstatus:301|httpstatus:302|httpstatus:403|httpstatus:401

    whoops... not working for me

  • SvenSven
    you are right...only added it for the "success" messages...will fix on next update.
  • do you mean, submit success, submit failed?
  • SvenSven
    yes...I simply forgot that someone would like to check that on the "submit failed" part as well.
  • submit failed works for me :)
  • Awesome update... amount of false positives i was getting by status code was so big... 
  • Is it possible to provide status codes after comma?;

  • SvenSven
    not comma but you can use....
  • Can you add it to other steps?

    modify step condition
    page must have
    modify url condition
  • httpstatus:4** is not working
  • GoGuerillaGoGuerilla New Zealand
    andrzejek said:
    httpstatus:4** is not working
    I assume it would be httpstatus:4*
  • SvenSven
    hmm will have to look into it then.
  • httpstatus:4* didnt work
  • SvenSven
    next update will
  • 4** shall work aswell?
  • You never replied about:

    modify step condition
    page must have
    modify url condition

    And these are really helpfull. I would like to get your input beacuse its something that holds me back. Aswell as the priority of page must have url must have over submit messages.
  • SvenSven
    yea will have to add it there as well, but that needs more work and Im not in office to do that changes. It might come but not on next update. ** should work as well.
  • i dont know if u added but not working
  • SvenSven
    please give me a sample where and how you use it.
  • andrzejekandrzejek Polska
    edited July 2019
    @sven sorry, i was talking about httpstatus:4** or httpstatus:40*

    modify step condition with httpstatus:404 and negative match works
    (i have to create sample projects for you so you can use them to debug)
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