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More "STEPS", one-time "STEPS"

I feel very limited to register-login-post STEPS. What if we could code more, and unlimited amount of STEPS? With some of them being one-time STEPS (for ex. activation after registration or editing some things that is nessecary to perform other things on the websites)


  • SvenSven
    you can do this with "modify step" and "modify step condition" and jump to a different section where you perform other things based on the content seen on a webpage.
  • andrzejekandrzejek Polska
    edited June 2019
    Will that work? (inurl)

    modify step condition:inurl:something

    Edit: How does SER decide when the submission is done? I mean, given:

    ; submit here and stop, but if modify condition -> submit only in STEP2

    modify step=2
    modify step condition=inurl:someting

    ; submit here and stop

  • SvenSven
    as soon as you have a match from "submit success" or "submit failed" or the other messages, it stops.
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