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Several crucial questions about proxy management

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I am using public proxies that i can find. Using GSA ser harvesting as well

So here my settings and my questions

1) How and when GSA ser detects a public proxy as down and disable it? I don't mean proxy checking but when not checking proxy and doing regular submission in working projects 

2) With current settings above, any proxy ever get deleted from the all proxies list? as can be seen in the image I have currently 174304 + 54357 = 228,661. So will this ever get reduced or keep getting increased?

3) When new proxies discovered with the selected "Search for new proxies every 60 minutes" option, do they get permanently added to the pool? 

4) Can we say that all proxies pool will get increased over the time as new proxies discovered with above settings?

5) I have selected test all proxies. Does this mean, whenever 60 minutes passed and the GSA ser searched for new proxies, will it also re-test all of the proxies? I mean both checked and unchecked? I suppose if it finds previously not working proxy to be working,  it will mark them checked again ?

6) Do number of threads here conflicting with the total number of threads we set in global settings?

7) Lets say testing all proxies takes around 70 minutes, and the software is set to search for new proxies 60 minutes, in this case how does it work? Because in this case, before the current checking all proxies process gets finished, time to check new proxies and test all proxies again will have come 

8) With above settings, can we say that it would be better to set it every 360 minutes instead of 60 minutes?



  • SvenSven
    1. for CONNECT, SOCKS4/5 it's easy, as it will tag them as down if connection to them fails. For the WEB proxy it's more difficult. That can only be detected as down when the connection to the proxy fails (port is closed)

    2. With that setup it can only increase as you have set it up to not delete bad proxies.

    3. Yes, unless you also enable the option "Only on less than...".

    4. yes - but you waste a lot resources as you keep testing the bad proxies again and again, even those who never worked in the past

    5. yes, but that 60 minute delay happens after search/test is done.

    6. no, its independent from global options

    7. doesn'T work like that as written in 5.
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