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Keep engines in github repository.

Is this a good idea? I believe so. Pull requests, issues and version history is a great thing.


  • There is unlimited amount of github private repositories, it could be a replacemnt for If SER could import files via github API, looks cool to me
  • SvenSven
    hmm yea why not, but Im basically the only one coding on this anyway. Those who write engines keep them private.
  • Some more of cheap ideas:

    Using github we can skip downloading new SER version just to update engines.
    That can save you some time? (maybe all "contrib" files can reside in the repository ? )

    I know most of guys here is busy chasing their dreams, but giving people better tools encourage them to be involved in the development.

    I see it as a box in SER settings where you can provide github repo url, login, pass.
    Ser can keep files in sync.
  • SvenSven
    worth a thought yea
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