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Scrape without sending message - build a list

drixxdrixx thailand
edited June 2019 in GSA Website Contact
Hi there,

i have not used the program since i bought it but now it's time to launch the beast :D

I would like to know if there's a way to scrape urls withotu sending the message, then it allows to manually filter prior to the messages.

It's quite important for me to proceed this way, knowing that i don't need to send 1000s of messages a day and that i need to segment the list, if possible.

I tried to find such an option in the sotware but i don't want to mess with it by testing



  • SvenSven
    Well thats realy easy. You start the project with one of the following:

    • Scrape for new WebSites
    • Check present WebSites
    • Scrape + Check
    Or you can also use to send messages and use the project option to send only a limited amount of messages per hour (project option->scheduler):
    • Check + Send Message
    • Scrape + Check + Send (do all)

  • drixxdrixx thailand
    Ah well, thanks Sven, i did not click on start so i did not see that and was looking for options
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