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Suggestion : scrapping url from google map

infotuninfotun paris
edited June 2019 in GSA Website Contact

It's possible to added google map like an engine to scrap more accurate urls ?



  • SvenSven
    Yes, but then what keyword should be entered? We have just one input field to send to search egnines, no location or alike.
  • we can added : keyword company activity + location ( paris) like in this exemple attachedd
  • SvenSven
    ok, but that would not really work for me. When I parse an URL like that, Im not getting any website data, just a json reply with map locations. That is further reviled by javascript to display the data on the left. Right not this is not possible.
  • thank you for your reply, i now isn't like a standard engine search... if you check in the web there are only small number of scrapers tools can do this task..

    I hope this option can be added to Gsa website contact in the future ! :)

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