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No solution!

1) Campaigns stop by themselves every day. In the settings it is not configured.
If I stop the campaign it does not stop. Have to close the program through task manager.
2) The program has been running very poorly for the last two months. I use 3 captchas and 10,000 proxies.
3) Logs sent several times, there is no result. I sent bugreports several times. No solution!

 I use three captcha GSA Captcha Breaker, Text Captcha Solver, Anti-Gate Old API with IP. 
Proxy about 10,000


  • Your video tutorial on YouTube is very old and does not match
  • SvenSven
    The program itself is relatively new, so I wouldn't say that the video is old at all!?
    1. o you get any bugreport?
    2. poorly is a subjective feeling. Can you give more details on this?
    3. Sorry, but I keep reviewing all bugreports I get, I haven't seen any recent from GSA Website Contact lately.
  • I hope upload list can be fast. Because I upload 800k list, use the one half day not yet finish.
  • SvenSven
    I don't know your setup but in most cases it slows down due to captcha services being slow when they sole recaptcha.
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