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Verifying when "Active (P)"

edited March 2013 in Need Help
I have a lot of projects with limits on them (X number of verified links per day) so they go into pause mode (P). To me it looks like they verify very often even though I have plenty of other projects running at full steam. This means they steal threads/resources from the active projects. It looks like a massive waste of resources so is there any way to prevent this?

I have them set at custom time 2000 minutes.

Forgive me if this has already been answered, I've been looking around but couldn't find the exact answer on this.


  • This limit will only stop the posting process after that number of verified links has been reached. The verifying process will still continue for that project (so you may well end up with several - or many - more links than your limit was set at).

    It also sounds like you are limiting how often you verify links. You should not do this if you are only wanting a relatively small number of verified links built in a short time. The reason being, during the 2000 minutes you have it set at, you could build 500 verified links, but SER will not be checking for them (because you have it set to check every 2000 minutes). If you only wanted to build 100/day (for example), you could easily end up going way over what you want.
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