2 captcha error

I have this issue with 2cpatcha. Every single attempt gives me this error using SERengines:

SerEngines: failed with 2Captcha: captcha could not be solved by 5 different people - https://www.inbox.eu/en/registration/user/form

Anyone got any advice on this? I am new to GSA by the way.


  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    are you using just 2captcha or maybe other software tools like GSA Captcha Breaker (CB)? In the later case make sure our tool is not emulating this service as CB can not solve e.g. recaptcha and would reject the request.
  • I deselected captcha breaker before i got this error. Can CB still interfere even though its not selected ??
  • i restarted everything and now i see this error which also happened previously:

    SerEngines: failed with 2Captcha: Server seems down - https://www.inbox.eu/en/registration/user/form

    any ideas ??? and is this a common issue??

  • Accepted Answer
    ok it seems to be working now. I re pasted the api key.
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    ok, sorry for late reply...was asleep while you wrote I guess. Glad it solved it by itself.
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