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How to Make Backlinks on Forums Site With Mentioned Criteria

ummarhayat505ummarhayat505 Pakistan, Punjab
edited May 2019 in Need Help
I want to make backlinks as this format, can anyone tell me that GSA SER can do it?


  • Isn't your question simply: can GSA SER post to a forum with pictures embedded (and linked)?
    Yes, of course. You might need to use BBcode in your article. 
    But the chance of getting this approved on any board where you are not admin are slim.
  • SvenSven
    BBCode is not required. SER will auto convert html to bbcode.
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  • ummarhayat505ummarhayat505 Pakistan, Punjab
    actually i am new here, and using SER for backlinking. Will thankfull if anyone tell the right way to make backlinks. I do not understand the SER completely.
  • SvenSven
    make sure you read tutorials from here:
    Thanked by 1ummarhayat505
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