Do not verify the article in wordpress

I have never seen posts in wordpress verified. In case if I use any other captcha interrupt, in addition to GSA's Captcha interrupt, will I get a successful verified wordpress tool link?


  • SvenSven
    Many Wordpress sites use recaptcha, so maybe try a recaptcha solver in addition.
  • I admin quite a number of Wordpress sites. Never ever will I accept a post with a link. But if it's clever content that fits and is not to slimey ("I was looking for this post all over the internet") I just might accept it, and then the filters might be set  up so that a second or third post is allowed to have a link.
    Recently however I observe that most of the longer posts/comments (not talking about the cialis/viagra or bitcoin or casino kind of spam shit) aren't targeting getting posted anymore, they're targetted at me directly. "Hey admin, how's your SEO?" 
    An interesting strategy...
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