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Anti Virus - How important is it to SEO?

Is it important to use a paid Anti Virus like Kespersky when we use GSA SER or with other SEO related work?



  • I only use Microsoft Defender on all of my Windows machines, since 10 years or so. 
    I believe the Nortons, Avasts, Kaperskis of this world are only making your PC slower and much more cumbersome to work with, 
  • Nortons & Kesperskeys make the PC really slow. They used to drive me mad too. Windows defender is there and i usually be careful with what i click. (self defence)
  • SvenSven
    Defender should be enough for most of us.
  • I honestly think it blocks some websites. If you are running a VPS should not matter but if you are using a PC then maybe use ok AV
  • For VPS all you need is windows defender..for your PC ofc always use a premium AV such as KIS ...One of my collageus just learnt it hard way :(
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