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@sven - Feature request for translating entire GSA project

@sven : I would love to see a feature available to translate the entire project in one go from maybe the [tools] section at the bottom of GSA project? 

Currently you need to translate it one by one (keywords, articles, anchor, comments) etc.. 
But wouldn't it be great to have it available in one go from maybe the [tools] section?

I know probably that you haven't done this is because it takes ages to translate just one field, but I am more than happy to wait for it 30+ minutes translating all articles and fields as I understand this is a demanding feature.
You can even set a warning message for people who haven't used it that it can take a very long time, but for me this would be a time saving tool as I know it will do all the necessary translations on auto-pilot instead of checking every minute or so if GSA has done the translation.

This feature would be great, oh and one more thing @sven . Your business, dedication to support, development and handling questions and requests is out of this world. There are just a handful of companies that deliver as much as you guys do. I have not been very active with GSA, once in a while i boot it up to do a few SEO tests for research and to think that you are still here, with the same dedication as a year ago, 2 years ago, 3 years ago... I mean, that's insane... Put that on your resume and you will be hired by any tech company in the world, if not, they are out of their minds.


  • Also in case of interest in a new method, here's how I do it with my scripts with a little help of our common friend and enemy google.

  • The reason for this is because I have a multilingual website, and I want to create a feed url example : But I need this translated ofcourse for the language, and select proper engines for those languages etc... An even better feature would be duplicate and translate project to another language? but that would be way more work i think... than all i need to do is change feed url with the proper language directory.
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