how to pick good keywords? tips and tricks are most welcome here.

I have been trying to pick some keywords which could help my project grow. I have spent weeks on researching and I haven't got good results yet. How did you find good keywords and what can you suggest me to do?


  • SvenSven
    GSA Content Generator has a keyword suggestion tool included, maybe that will help you.

    Thinking about it, I should make it an extra tool or at least add it to SER.
  • you can subscribe a keyword providing service or something.
  • seo powersuite has a pretty good keyword research tool built in the rank tracker tool and a nice way to filter and organise keywords into groups.
    Scrapebox has access to multiple keyword databases.
    Keyword snatcher is another good one with google, bing, yahoo, amazon, you tube and ebay keyword databases. is an online site. Free use gives you limited number of keywords, but you can still get loads of keywords out of it.

    As for strategy, build your links for the long tail keywords. They will be the easiest to rank. Ideally 5 words or longer. But if your link building strategy is good, you might be able to rank keywords that are 3 or even 2 words long. But start with the longest keywords to test your strategy.

    The more words in the keyword phrase, the easier it will be to rank. But it will also come with less traffic. Unlikely you'll get daily traffic from one keyword at number 1. But over a year it will bring you some traffic. So once you have hundreds or even thousands of these longtail keywords ranked, you'll start seeing daily traffic.
  • KeywordXtreme
  • SvenSven
    GSA Keyword Research (upcoming product) ;)

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  • Awesome!

    This reminds me of those Carlsberg adverts

    If Sven did ..... it would look like this. Really looking forward to the release of this tool.

    Many tools already have overlapping features and limited keyword databases. They tend to just do the main ones.

    Looking at the screen shot, it seems @Sven has already added many more. Even ecosia and duckduckgo I get traffic from, so would be great to get some keywords from more databases.

  • SvenSven
    @sickeso 45 sources right now. If you can give me some other URLs you would like to have keywords from, let me know.

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