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Campaign is not starting, Getting Errors In Logs.

Here is the first screenshot -->
2nd -->
3rd -->

Looks like some issue which i am not understanding. Can you please tell me what can be the issue about why am i seeing that manny errors? If you check/read the logs, you will see that nothing is going sucessful, everything is getting failed. I need to know what am i doing wrong?


  • I want to provide more information about this issue here.

    If you see this screenshot -->
    as this screenshot is taken freshly, I just restarted the project/campaign.

    I am getting a lot of erros for some reason, I do not know if this is normal or there is something we should keep our attention to.

    I have already configured the capcha service but if you see the screenshot you will see that it says that i have not configured the capcha service. Here is the screenshort where you can see that i have already added the capcha service and the api properly --> and here is the balance screnshot -->
  • I am going to provide more info here.

    After few hours, i have taken another screenshot for you -->
    In this screenshot you can see that still i am getting tons of errors after keeping the software active for many hours. It has not build any sucessfull link yet.

    There is some issue, which you need to figure it out brother.
  • 115 capchas are failed
    and only 6 capchas are sucess.
    Here is the screenshot -->
    Is there something i should worry about?
  • In the prevous screenshots you can see that the software was showing 3 successful submitions but now it is showing only 2.
    Here is the screenshot -->

    and on the right hand side i can not see any link GSA SER has built yet, Whole day, i kept this software going on my laptop and internet was working prefectly fine. But still this software has not created any link for me yet. There is some issue, That is the reason i have been keep sending you all the updates i am finding which can help you to understand the issue i am facing.

    I do not know if this is normal or not, but if this is normal then it is just a waste of resorces, time and energy.

    I know this is not normal, as a lot of people are using GSA SER. So, there is some issue which we both have to adentify. and the only way we can solve this issue is if i keep you updated. So, please corprate with me as now i am not sending you emails, i am talking over the form. You can reply till Monday. Once, I get this campaign going on/stated, i will not being the pain in the ass.

    I am also busy person, but i am spending a lot of time to update you so that we can get all the issues i am facing solved as soon as possible and i can do other things.
  • I  ran this software for whole day, and right now it is 10 pm. Till now, the software has submitted to only 3 sites and only 1 link is verified yet. and nothing is showing on the right hand side yet.

    Brother, i have been telling from the starting that there is some issue, Please check this screenshot -->

    You can see that right now it is night time and till now, it has done nothing. Now, you have to tell me at Monday that how to get this issue fixed and get my first campaign started.

    I am going to trurn my laptop off now and will wait for your reply and solution.
  • Hopping to get reply from you.
  • If i could have tried the software before purchasing, i could have saved my money from this scam.
  • SvenSven
    ok now it is scam? Why? Because noone wants to read your monologs and get another 10 emails in inbox or thread replies where you are not even reading the answer?

    Im sorry, but I almost gave up reading as I feel ignored as well.
  • SvenSven
    It would take a lot pressure from me if someone of the active members can help him.

    Maybe it's just me who is losing his nerves here.
  • I have sent you many screenshots which you are ignoring and not replying about.

    I do not want anyone to read or reply as I did not pay the money to them. I paid you the money so I request you to check my issue and tell me what exactly should I do to get the issue solved.

    As you never gave the solution to get the campaign started.

    As everything you sent has been already tried and the campaign did not work. So please give the solution.
  • SvenSven
    I never gave a solution? I logged in to your PC, I answered many many emails. You keep asking the same questions without even reading my replies.

    Why did you register here on a forum if you still only want to communicate with me?
    Thats not the purpose of a forum!

    Anyway, your low verification rate might have to do with the speed of your PC as it was awful when I connected to it!? You said you want to try a VPS if Im didn't do that or?
  • 1. I never said that i will try VPS, I said, that i have a VPS where i am hosting nearly 100 clients websites, and i can create catchall emails with that vps server. i never said that i will try that vps for the gsa ser.

    2. The solution you gave did not work brother. What solution did you give? I know you do not have time to read my messages/reples, but read your onces, and you will find that you are only teaching me and not giving the solution.

    3. I registered on this form as you asked me not to send you more then 1 email in a day. So, i had to register here.

    4. Speed was bad for only that day, when i shared the screen with you, after that day, the speed was normal again, as i told you already, so it is not anything to do with the lapotp or internet speed. There is some other issue.

    5. Should i purchase links lists and emails from any other provider to get the campaign started? Please only reply about my questions and do not try to teach me, as then i have to reply to your message and i waste my and your time both. So, please stop teaching me and read my replies once and see the issue, and lets get those issues fixed. So that i do not have to contact you again.
  • If you say, i can install the software in my new laptop and give it a try.
    i do not know if i can move the licence from old laptop to the new one without any issue.
    if it is easy to move licence to the new laptop then do let me know, i will move the solftware to the new laptop and then i can see if the issue is there or not. Please do reply about this message too. Will wait for this message too. and please do reply about the 5th question i asked above this message.
  • SvenSven
    • 1. Sorry, I might have misunderstood you
    • 2. I stop reading your messages as you stop reading and replying to mine! However, lets stay calm and try again (I say to myself). I remember the problem was with your email accounts, I gave you several options and you asked for other providers to try...I gave them to you...I don't know what else you need here now? Do you have that part working now or not? I also suggested to take a catch-all account...did you?
    • 3. NO, I asked to stop sending me like 10 emails in 30 minutes...have it grouped to one! And as we have different time zones (it's 22:30 here), you should register here asking for support when Im off (and btw, it's weekend) - so much about our support.
    • 4. whatsoever
    • 5. phhhh I better shut my mouth...

    Btw, I would appreciate it if you stop calling be "brother".

    about installing on another PC, do it...just make sure you are not starting both then.
  • Thank you Svan for the reply.

    i am going to download this software in my new laptop and give it a try.
    I need to backup the campaign from my previous laptop to the new one, can you plesae send me the tutorial which can help me to move the campaign?
  • Update:- I am going to send this message/reply after 1:30 Hours.

    Svan, i have installed the free trail on my new laptop and set up the campagin and let me show you the screenshots here --> and

    Please check both screenshots as i am getting errors still. I know today, is Sunday, so, no rush. I am just updating you so that i can show you my screen.
  • SvenSven
    How to change PC/License:

    1. Make backups of projects of GSA Search Engine Ranker (optional): Start the program (if you haven't it running already) and right click on one project. Then choose "Modify Project" and then "Backup All Projects" or "Backup Selected Project" 2. Make backup of settings of GSA Search Engine Ranker (optional): Click "Options" and on the lower left on that window you see "Backup Settings". 3. Uninstall the Program from the old PC/VPS using the Start Menu. 4. Download the demo version from our homepage ( and install it on the new PC/VPS. 5. Register it using the same License (Name/Serial) that you received on your order E-Mail. 6. Restore backups in a similar war as descried in 1st and 2nd point. I hope this helps you a bit.
  • SvenSven
    what happens if you turn off proxies for search engines (keep waiting time high then)? You should see results from google I guess?
  • Update:- I have backuped everything as you said for GSA SER and proxy scraper too.
    I have restored the backup sucessfully for GSA SER and GSA Proxy Scraper both.

    I started the campagin and still i am getting the same type of errors. Here is the screenshot --> and here is another -->

    I will keep this campagin work for next 30 mints and will let you know about the process.

    (Extra note:- All 3 links it has been submitted were created by my other laptop nearly 7 days ago).
  • Update: (nearly after 45 mints)

    I kept the software running and i am still getting errors and errors. Here you can see the latest errors:

    Today, as well, i am spending wholeday to get my first campaign started and till now, i do not know where am i doing the mistake. Will wait for your reply.

  • Update:- I am not spamming or anything, i am just providing updates after an hour.

    I still see those errors. Here you can see the latest screenshot -->

    Now, i am going to close this software, and will wait for your reply. Today, is sunday, so no rush. Will check this form tomorrow now.
  • SvenSven
    3 posts and you are not even answering my questions...thats exactly what I meant. It makes not much sense holding a monologue on a forum.
  • If you are pointing your reply for this message of yours --> "what happens if you turn off proxies for search engines (keep waiting time high then)? You should see results from google I guess?"

    Then i must say, i did not understand your question. Can you please write the same question in different way please?
  • SvenSven
    OK, I can understand that we have language problems (both of us don't have English as 1st language I guess), but it's common to ask for clarification in first reply.

    Anyway, if you click on Options from main form->use proxies...under that box you can check where to use proxies....if you turn that off for search engines, please see if that gives you a better reply than 000/000 [END] in log for google.
  • Please check this screenshot -->
    i have desabled the search englines proxy thing as you said.

    These are the latest log report after waiting for nearly 10 mints --> and this one

    I have desabled the proxy scraping for the search engines but still the campaign did not start.

    Sven, to be ownest, i know your software is really good at what it does, but it is not working for me. If all the issues are not solved in next 5 days, lets refund 90% of the money so that i stop wasting more time of mine.

    Few days ago, i contacted 2checkout support team aswell, and if this software does not start working in next 5 days, i will have to request you to provide me refund and i know how powerfull your creation is but if it does not work for me then you know, it's no use of mine.
  • SvenSven
    And another backstabbing from your end...a refund request with things like "I am not replying"? Whats kind of person are you? I can't even count the numerous emails and forum messages I sent. It's a shame how you blame others for your misery. I really try everything to solve your issues but what can I do if you are not listening!?

    Thats why I asked for someone else to help you as either we have language problems or you are not willing to listen to me at all.
  • Let me clear everything in a detailed reply, because you alwasy blame on others.

    1. I contacted 2checkout team nearly a week ago, you can see that for nearly 9 days, you did not reply this ticket and after 9 days, you replied. That was the time when i told 2checkout team that you are not repling. I hope you have understood and got the answer for your first question.

    2. You said you tried everything to get this issue solved. Please read your replies and you will find out that the only solution you gave me was to try desabling the proxy scraping for search engines. What other solution did you provide ealier?

    3. You told me ealier that you are not reading my replies as my replies are longer for you to read. and that is why you are asking someone else to reply me back.

    Let me clear this confution as well. See Sven, i read your replies more then 2 times but you get angry when you have to read my replies. No one else have replied to my messages on this form yet, and i am pretty sure noone will.

    Language is not the issue with me, as i speak good english and i have lived in Australia for 6 years. So, language is not the problem.

    The real problem is that you do not read my longer messages, where i provide all the inforamtion about what is going on and why the software is not working. You never replied about those emails and just asking me to listen to you when you are not providing any solution to the problem. Once again, only yesterday you provided me a guess solution which was to desable the proxy for search engines, which also did not fid the issue, so am i not listning to you?

    Stop this teaching and misunerstanding in your mind. Just give the solution for this issue, and i will not be the pain in your ass. And onces the issue is solved you will also be not the pain in my ass.
  • SvenSven
    edited May 2019
    Another "You say, I say"...

    1. I got that refund request today...I don't know when you sent it

    2. Not true. I gave this as a way to debug things. Earlier you had other issues we debugged (email setup).

    3. Noone will reply because they see what issues I have with you. I write something back and you don't even reply to that (as with the proxy for search engines). For the email setup I also don't know if that is solved or not. It's true I gave up reading your long replies once as it turns out to be not informative and only blaming things on others.

    I also just moved this threat to the proper category (SER and not Email Verifier). That alone drove me mad as you kept mixing up programs.
  • 2. About emails --> You could have tell me to purcahe the email from someone in the staring. And you made me wait for like 1 week to understand that i have to purcahse email from someone and then the campaign will start. When you told me that i can purchase email packs, at the same time i purchased and replied back to you, but you did not check the time of my replies, and you thought that i am sending you all the replies at onces.

    3. No will should reply because they will have to read a lot from the bigining and if the master of this software can not understand the issue, then no one else can.

    I did not replied back becasue the solution you gave me, i had alrady tried this solution 2 weeks ago, at that same day, when i shared my screen with you. So that is why, i did not reply and i did not understood 10% of what you said in your reply. But i was sure what you were asking me to do, as i had already tried that solution which you were giving me, so that was the only reply, i did not replied to you. I hope, now this misunderstaning will be solved, where you always think, that i do not reply back to you. When i am the one who reply properly.

    You do not know if the email setup is done or not because you gave up reading my replies, i you read my replies only then you can understand if the issues with emails is solved or not. I hope, this misunderstanding is also solved.

    When you blame me, i have to tell you that you are wrong, so i am not bleming you, i am just reping back to your given blames, so that your misunderstandings can solve.
  • SvenSven
    You know what? This "you said, I said " thing will never end.
    Now you are sending me emails as well...and not one but many with one sentence. It's like your purpose is to make me go crazy. If this was your aim, then congratulation! This is a 2 guys company and I do all I can to satisfy my customers, but in over 15 years of existence this is a very unique situation for me.

    Now you even admit you don't understand 90% of what I say and you didn't reply. So how should we move on from here? If it's no language barrier (btw, I didn't say it's your language, it could be me as English is not even my 2nd language), then what is it!?

    I only see one last chance to solve this.
    a) make sure your connection is FAST and not as last time
    b) I connect to that PC fixing things!

    I can't offer more than that as obviously everything else would fail again and ending in another big blob of text and a wast of time.

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