Need help on 1st campaign

I am trying to launch my 1st campaign and want to make sure I get it right. Any advise would be appreciated!
Goal is to backlink my tier 1 properties starting with 1 site in my PBN. Then shoot a couple links out of the PBN site to my money site. 
Tools: VPS, GSA, GSA SERE, 10 private proxies, GSA Captcha breaker, 2captcha, emails, SEO Content Machine, Scrapebox, GSA Indexer

I created a spun syntax article in SEO content machine using Scrapebox for relevent keywords / sites. 
I am thinking of going with a safe strategy to begin such as Jimmy Kelley Safe method. (Articles, microblog, social bookmarks, networks, Web 2.0, GSA SERE Web 2.0 and Wiki)

-does this sound like a good start?

-do I need to create a target list of sites by scraping using the footprints from these  (Articles, microblog, social bookmarks, networks, Web 2.0, GSA SERE Web 2.0 and Wiki)? 

-should i drip feed a few links per day and GSA index them?



  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Hey 801...

    You're definitely starting out with the right set of tools.

    Learning to use them is easy, but u can spend years learning more. :)

    So I'm not new to GSA, but not the expert either.

    My suggestion: Maybe consider additional spun articles??

    I've seen users use all different numbers. But not really ever just one.

    Unless that's what you're trying to do with a certain marketing strategy (who knows.)

    There's really no limit to what u can do in your campaign.

    Spam is old news, so of course u have to be thinking in terms of marketing now.
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