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Squeeze Pages! __I'm lovin' it__

I guess everyone knows about squeeze pages. Perhaps not. I thought this could be useful for the those who are not aware of Squeeze pages. I was one of them once.

A squeeze page is a specific landing page which allows the site user to squeeze his or her email (a little bit of their personal data) in, in order to get something back as a reward. (For example, e book, free vector pack, a magazine, some tips etc)

It is a good way to collect some live emails for us to get some use of them in the future and trust me, squeeze pages have got me valuable emails in my little SEO journey.

Some tips to build an effective squeeze page...

Keep it nice and clean. (Less is more)
One image and a very small paragraph with 2-3 sentences works good.

Give them something valuable in return.
If you really could give them something valuable, there is a better chance of you getting an email from your site visitor. (Ex. Things like, E-books, a free consultation, Icon kit)

A good headline is always a Win-Win
Starting the headline with an expression does work better (Ex. The Best..., Super Creative Icon Pack!)

Less fields to fill
It's better to tweak down other details such as, Name, Age etc. and request for the most benefiting data from the visitor. (email, contact number)

Hope this might help someone in someway. Also add more details if you know anything further... I would love to know about them too.



  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Hey Luke....

    I tried setting up a squeeze page with a Free Offer, but the response was poor.

    Is the word "FREE" verboten? I mean, do you think Internet users find it a turn-off at this point, an indicator of...ahem...crap?
  • lukegage92lukegage92 Buffalo, USA
    edited May 2019
    Deeeeeeee  I gave away some free vector packs last year and I was able to find a hand full of worthy emails by that. ^_^

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