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New to GSA PS

Hi I am planning to buy GSA Proxy Scraper. I have few doubts.
1. Can you directly connect GSA PS to GSA SER.
2. Does Public Proxies scrapped by GSA PS works well in compare to Semi Dedicated or Dedicated Proxies, mean does it give me good LPM.
Please advice.


  • SvenSven
    2. you might have to keep it searching and testing for some time to find stable proxies as it will monitor the found one and give you the most reliable proxies here.
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  • HelloCoderHelloCoder India
    edited May 2019
    So it means that after some time, It will find some stable proxies and work accordingly. Can I integrate trial version with SER. And is there any restrictions in Trial version?
  • SvenSven
    yes there are restrictions....less sources and time limited.
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