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content generator software


I need a content generator service and I am looking now at two options:

GSA Content Generator (one time fee + the GSA feeling/environment which I really like), but I've never tried it.

Kontent Machine (monthly fee + easy to use)
Bought a license today, fetched some content (tier 1 quality), the results were not good. I mean, the content is barely usable, I've spotted some chunks of text that were not unique in google, so for a monthly fee I am not sure if it's worth it.

I know everybody recommends Kontent Machine (better affiliate income?), seems to be the standard of the industry, but I want to ask you if you use a better software than KM.

Since I do not deal with huge amounts of articles (like thousands a month) I can do my own scraping and spinning. However, any automation is better.


  • SvenSven
    You forgot one other major in this topic: SEO Content Machine which is, I have to admit, also very good.

    However, you should try the demo version of our tool yourself and compare the results. If you have suggestions on it, Im here to improve the results.

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  • One problem with GSA CG is that the titles I'm getting for articles are the same as the titles in the original articles. The content looks spinned (I've used the internal spinner).

    Besides, every article I see on the list is unique, I mean, it can be used only once, unlike in Kontent Machine, where the output is a spinned article that you can insert into GSA?
    So every article should be used once. Or I am wrong?
  • SvenSven
    Spin is also added to the article itself so you can not use it only once!?
    The titles are indeed from original articles + generated + sentences with keywords. You can change that with popup menu.
    Thanked by 1tennisfans
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