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Newbee here - Should I buy GSA SER?

Good Day Everyone!

Lately I was thinking about purchasing GSA SER. I am working on a budget project at the moment and planning to post medium quality including captchas backlinks. from what I know, you can either do non-catptcha backlinks or use their tool. 

I wonder if you can solve them manually while having the rest automated by GSA. What is your opinion?


  • Yes if u can afford it. For captchas I suggest death by captcha because it is cheap and yo
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    As a one-time purchase, the price of GSA SER isn't the issue. What will cost you a lot more over time is content, proxies, captcha services and email accounts (one way or the other). This stuff WILL add up to more than the GSA SER purchase price within a few months. Captcha isn't even the highest cost.

    So if you intend to use GSA SER regularly, on a number of projects, don't think twice about buying, be prepared to throw in a few weeks to get acquainted with the power and prepare to throw in more $$$ for the above stuff.

    Doing captcha by hand is possible, but far from recommended. You will need your hands elsewhere ;-) e,g, creating content.

    If you just have like a couple of webpages, forget it. Buy SEO services from fiverr or panels, the prices are unbeatable. 
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