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May I import urls to GSA Indexer somehow?

I have checked all the options in Indexer and didn't fine one to import urls to index. Just turned off auto index verified links in SER cos it takes too much internet speed. Thanks for your time ;)


  • solessoles Ukraine
    edited April 2019
    Also, getting this pop up even if i have tested them all.

  • SvenSven
    I don't understand this really. Your topic is about GSA SEO Indexer but the second post is about SER!?
    Import URLs to Index: click on the down arrorw from the start/stop button->choose the Multi-URL entry and on that dialog you can import from files/clipboard/monitor files and so on.
    SER: I guess this dialog comes when clicking OK on the project edit dialog. It comes up when you have no email accounts checked in the listing.
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