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Adding Social Signals to GSA SER - Genius or Clown?

edited March 2013 in Feature Requests
I've got a question for Sven or anyone with the expertise to answer this question.
GSA SER in its present state, is awesome.

That said, and considering the large community of users of this software, wouldn't it be beneficial to add a G+, Pinterest, Delicious etc module to this software, where other users of the software post their bookmarks to the accounts you've created, and you in turn post to theirs?

As for G+, everyone Google Pluses the links you've added to the software and you in turn do the same to theirs?

More like what SYNND was created to do, but is failing miserably because the accounts used to G plus each account are empty.
In GSA's case, each member could create legit accounts with social circles in them etc.

Just a thought


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