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Proxy Rotation

Hello there! 
Is it possible to rotate proxies on each request when using internal server ( ?

I saw the option of changing the proxy on every 'n' seconds, but it seems sometimes it's now working as intended (same IP remains after the configured timespan).

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  • SvenSven
    it is using a new proxy according to your settings. Maybe the restrictions you have here are too many to find new proxies? Can you show a screenshot?
  • Hello! Since my evaluation period is expired I can't enter in options to show it to you... but I had lots of avaliable proxies on the list and configured them to switch every 5 seconds. When navigating to whatismyip or other similar sites, I got same exit IP for much more than the 5 seconds that I configured. Other thing is on example image on your site it shows "current proxy" with an IP ( In mine I think it was blank.
  • SvenSven
    then you didn'T have a proxy used at all I guess.
  • EddieTEddieT Brazil
    edited May 2019

    No, I was using it. When browsing with proxy pointing to I was hitting whatismyip with a different address than mine.

    Maybe it was something related with me working on a non real machine? I was using Windows on Desktop Parallels for Mac. Maybe some incompatibility? I will test it on another machine.

    Best regards,
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