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Looking for some advices how to increase Lpm

Hello everyone, I've made a new project with hope that my Lpm will increase, but eventually it's still 2.11-2.5. I'm just looking for your advices.

Using 22 proxies bought from

GSA Captcha Breaker

Also running GSA indexer

GSA SER window >

As you can see, only 2,10 Lpm :'(

Options > Submission

Options > Captcha

Options > Indexing

Options > Filter

Options > Advanced

Where to Sumbit

Project Options > Article

Project Options > Data

Project Options > Options

About mail, using 1 catch-all 

Project Diagram >

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


  • solessoles Ukraine
    Proxy List > Options

  • solessoles Ukraine
    Also Interested in "Campaign", probably someone is able explain what is it and how's working, didn't find any info (looks like I'm blind). Have a good time
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