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Suggestion: Filename by Using a Keyword List - Macro

edited April 2019 in GSA Image Spider
I can't believe how good GSA Image Spider has become! A lovely tool that does a massive job with getting unique and good looking images in large quantities.

I have one suggestion to add regarding macros. Since filename is very important for SEO, and GSA is a SEO oriented company, I think this is a must have feature.

While the macros for naming the file during export are great, I feel like they don't offer too much uniqueness. It would be great if we can add a large list of keywords and use that as a macro to randomly select a keyword from the list and save the images using that keyword.

This can also help us randomize a few other things like the Meta Data of the image.

For this a text file can also be used or just a popup in GSA that takes a large list of keywords. It would be a GREAT addition to this software and make it complete and universally the best in the market.

Hope you can hear me out @Sven :)


  • SvenSven
    you can use %spinfile-file.txt% as macro here which works same as in SER and will pull a random line from a file and insert it as a filename.
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