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.xlsx and .xls version?

Hi @sven - can you make it possible in SER to export verified URLs in .xls and .xlsx format?



  • SvenSven
    naw thats all a big mess...I don't think it's wrong exporting that in good old csv format that every program can read.
  • londonseolondonseo London, UK
    The problem is I have had a no of my clients complain that they cannot open the file in excel.

    It only works when I convert the csv to .xlsx online
  • @londonseo are you using GSA SER on an english-language computer, and are your clients looking on an english language Excel?
    The only problem I ever found with Excel opening CSVs is when the generating and the opening computer use different characters for list separation, e.g. in the UK it's a "," but in Germany it's a ";"
    What you could do is to upload the data for your clients to a Google sheet, so they are in the cloud and universal. They can then always download it for local Excel usage should they so desire, and it also looks quite professional
  • SvenSven
    if you export in CSV....also make sure to export in excel-csv (another entry in the filter list). That should work even on there PC.
  • londonseolondonseo London, UK
    That is the option I always use but yet a few clients have problems opening the file properly in Excel
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