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One specific email doesn't get checked.

Something I haven't seen before: I have a project with a few emails, and one of them doesn't get checked. I know, because there are activations waiting in the inbox. 
I've now nailed it down to one problem. The system believes it has checked that email not too long ago (as per my settings). Even when I switch GSA off totally, wait one hour, turn it on again, set "verify email" only, so that I can narrow down all other stuff happening, it says the same thing -- see jpgs. 
During operation:

Fresh start:


  • Does it check pop3 login on the email server (and not with an internal clock)? 
    Because that mail gets checked by gmail, too. 
    That would be an explanation.
  • SvenSven
    Thats because you use that option to handle email accounts based on the domain. Meaning it will wait to login on the same email provider for the set amount of seconds instead of doing it per email account. Thats actually a good option to overcome suspicious behaviors that would take all your accounts from one provider as spam so that you would have to reverify them all.
  • Ah that's true, but could you please just clarify, @Sven
    Does the system check it's own activities to determine when the last POP3 login happened, or does it ask the server? So in other words, would an additional Gmail login be taken into account?
  • SvenSven
    an additional gmail account used on SER is taken in account across different projects as well.
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