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GSA SER Won't show me remaining Target URLs

superjacksuperjack Indonesia
Hi sven,
i think we have an error here.
Everytime i want to see how many remaining Target Urls in my project, its always won't show up and sometimes crash with close application pop up.


  • SvenSven
    what happens when no crash appears? Does it show a white list? Also when it comes up with a bugreport, send it to me making a note to this thread.

    Maybe you have way too many targets that would grow memory usage too much?
  • superjacksuperjack Indonesia
    i have send the bugs report to you.. please check..

  • SvenSven
    yes, that bugreport happened as you clicked the "show remaining urls" twice while the 1st click was still loading and arranging the list. I have fixed that in latest update which will also show a notice that it is still busy for big lists. I hope that helps.
  • superjacksuperjack Indonesia
    Thank you sven!
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