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How to insert link with #


I want to create a backliks for links with specyfy anchors. Basycally, we can use format:

And it works.

But when in our link1 or link2 is character # this format does not work.

I have link http://link1#154 and keyword "home". When I use format:

gsa is building links for http://link1 and anchor 154 or home.

Do you know how to fix this situation?



  • SvenSven
    im sorry but this is not working. A "jump index" on the url and later the link is only working if you insert this directly into the article e.g.
    <a href="%url%#id">%anchor_text%</a>
  • Hello,

    Thank you very much for your answer, but I an not talking about article. I wont to get a links from forum profiles, so i have to fill this field:

    I wont to get link: with anchor "anchor1"

    But right now I get link: with anchrs: "p123" or "anchor1"

    So it seems that there is no option to get a backlinks for links with character #.

  • What happens if you URL-encode the first # character?
  • I do not understand you question.

    Please look at my example. Right now I will get broken link:
    with anchors: "p123" or "anchor1"
  • edited April 2019
    What if you try this:
    yoursite%23YourSiteAnchor#TheGSAanchor or to use your example: %23 p123#anchor1 (but without the spaces in the middle)
  • Gsa is submiting links with proper anchor, but when I open the forum profile and click on my link it appers that it is broken and do not work propertly.
  • Maybe you don't have that anchor on the page? Would you mind giving us your forum post URL and I'll have a look?
  • When I open url with # in my browse I am moved to specyfic topic on site. When I change # to %23 I can open site but I am not moved to specyfic topic.

    This is a example: - you are able to open the site but you will not moved to specyfic topic.

  • Ok I see.
    What I thought that would achieve is that the "#" character would be understood as part of the url and url-decoded by SER, as it is in this forum -- just look at the two links in your post, they now both have the "#" character.
    But unfortunately, the %23 code seems to be handed through to the user's browser, and it doesn't see it as the special character it is anymore....

    @Sven is there an escape character for this string he could use to escape his "#"?

  • EwenementEwenement World
    edited April 2019
    Thank you very @wolfvanween for your time.

    The best option would be to find another character to split url and keyword.
  • SvenSven
    sorry but that would break too many things. I really can't change that and for SEO it should be irrelevant anyway if you have that "jump-id" on the URL or not.
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