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what is proxy WEB, WEB(R), CONNECT, CONNECT(R) type?

I can not make proxy type WEB, WEB(R), CONNECT, CONNECT(R)  working on the chrome browser? SOCKS4, SOCKS5 work fine.
I dont see any option  to add them on the chrome browser. I try add them into HTTP but nothing work.
what is proxy WEB, WEB(R), CONNECT, CONNECT(R) type?
How to make them working on the chrome ?


  • SvenSven
    Just replied to your email (with same content/question asked). Next time please just choose one way to not double the work.

    My Answer:
    WEB should work fine on your Chrome as a HTTP/HTTPS proxy. HTTPS only if
    it supports SSL as TAG.
    CONNECT is something that Chrome and actually most other programs do not
    support. Sometimes they allow you to use TUNNEL or something alike which
    might work.
    That (R) means that this proxy can resolve domains to there IP address
    for you. There should be an option to either allow that or not.
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