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Getting almost exclusively indexer/url-shortener links, what am I doing wrong?

I'm having a lot of trouble getting Blog comments, articles, microblog, forum, web2.0, wiki, etc.

Basically all I'm getting is indexer and url shortener links. A few blog comments and stuff here and there, but almost nothing.

Here's my setup:

--GSA SER v13.48
--1 catchall email from SEOSpartans
--10 semidedicated proxies from (should I switch to dedicated?)
--GSA Captcha breaker
--Running on my home computer through a VPN (is this a problem? should I set up a VPS?)
--Verified site lists from several fiverr sellers and 1linklist trial (the fiverr packages have good ratings on fiverr)

I have mostly been using verified site lists, but I have tried scraping as well. No luck there either; it's mostly URL shortener and indexer links.

I have attached screenshots of my setup. I have also attached screenshots of my logs, while running a project with a target URL list entirely composed of verified blog comment URLs.

Thank you for any help you can provide. I want to figure out how these guys selling on BHW and Fiverr are able to create 100k+ blog comments, articles, wikis, etc, in a few days. I've bought these packages and seen the links and as of now I'm miles away from their success level.


  • SvenSven
    Had a look now but don't see much of things that could cause this. The blog commenting is of course causing a lot submissions with a few verifications as many blog-submissions are no longer auto-approved.

    Then I see no captcha setup configured for recaptcha but that should also not be that of an issue as there should be plenty of sites without recaptcha (though you might want to think about using e.g.

    But other than that it all looks solid. Maybe you can send me login details so I can check live whats wrong?
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