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Gsa Ser not importing url to all selected projects

I am trying to import target urls from a text file. The size of file is more than 1200 mb and I am trying to add it to selected projects. The number of projects are 150. When I select to import target urls from text file , what happens is that the text file gets imported but it doesnt add urls to lots of projects. Like it adds urls to starting projects and the last one and in between when I check randomly few projects for remaining target urls, it shows zero ursl. Please can anybody help me in importing urls from file and making sure that all selected projects get some of the target urls from the file. 


  • SvenSven
    Well either it imports fine to all or not at all...Maybe it's a problem on hard disk space? I never heard of any issue importing target URLs where it ends to just a few projects receive them.
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