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Setup GSA CB as server for Scrapebox

Hey there

Wondering if anyone is more experienced than me and can help me get this to work.

Running both tools on my Windows 10 machine.
GSA CB is setup to run as a server and on custom port 80. All good there - I had to shut off some windows service but other than that no errors.

Checking my hosts file, I have a # -= GSA Captcha Breaker =- entry, with my IP + a long list of services.

I then fire up Scrapebox, setup primary captcha solver and run a test, which hangs a few seconds and returns a blank.
I've rotated through 3 services and basically get the same result.

My questions:

Conferring with someone way more knowledgeable than me, he mentioned a setting in CB: That says something like “bypass hosts file and use real ip of captcha service”. 
I can't find this at all...obviously I'd like to ensure it is unticked.

Barring that, has anyone been there and have tips for getting this to work?

thanks in advance!


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