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Proxies check

edited April 2019 in Need Help
Hello my GSA  SER coworks with gsa proxy scraper importing proxies from files stored by GSA SCRAPER
Now the problem is that GSA stopped posting and almost for the whole day has been testing over 50000 proxies and still have about half to go.
Is there any way to reduce the time of checking or any other way around?
I've set testing proxies in GSA scraper so I wonder whether checking them again in GSA SER makes any sense


  • SvenSven
    The question here is, why you have so many proxies? Wouldn't it be a better idea to limit the export to only reliable proxies or fast once?

    Also you can set it up to only import new proxies and not delete/retest everything again.

    Another option could be to simply use 127.0.0.:8080 as proxy and skip the whole import/export.
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