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Delete fromVerified window

@sven - When I delete URLs from the last verified URLs window they do not get removed when I view verified URLs - can this be fixed?

I am skipping all links that are not German, but still, some non-German sites are included, so I need a way to delete them from the verified window


  • SvenSven
    they should be deleted when you have the project stopped.
  • londonseolondonseo London, UK
    @sven - they do not get deleted please try this yourself
  • SvenSven
    tried it and its working as it should.

    right click on project->show urls->verified->select->delete -> ok->show urls again....and its gone.
  • londonseolondonseo London, UK
    @sven - I mean from the last verified URLs (max 1000) window to the right.

    This is where I can see the country flags.
  • SvenSven
    well deleting things there is just visual, not physically from the project.
  • londonseolondonseo London, UK
    @sven - that's the problem

    I am running a project where I am skipping links from all countries except Germany, but yet I see some non-german flags.

    How do I delete them?

    When I right click to view the verified links the flags are not there so I cannot tell what is what.

  • SvenSven
    can you give me the urls in pm where you think they should have been skipped?
  • londonseolondonseo London, UK
    Sent you PM
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