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How to find places to post with GSA?

My GSA posting rate is bad.  I am getting like one link out of lots of scraping. 

Maybe I am doing something wrong?

I have seen people selling "pre-approved" GSA list of websites where you post your links.

Does GSA Ranker sell those websites to link?

Or better yet....... Is there a way/ setting that I can definitely improved how many websites I can find to put my backlinks? 


  • SvenSven
    depends on the engines you use. Can you share that information?
  • There are a few ways to get lists. 

    You can buy a list, which is the fast and easy way to get things going. Definitely something to consider if you are just starting out. Two issues to be aware of though; the first is that those lists will be pounded by other people using GSA. The second is that the list will likely not be contextual to your projects.

    You can scrape your own list. Do you own SB? There is no better way to build your list. This has been the go-to tool for years. The best part is that is entirely contextual to your projects and it is a unique list. Do not scrape on G though as it will burn your proxies straight-away. Bing is the way to go and will give you really good results.

    You can use SER to scrape for you but I always found this a waste of resources. SER is a beast for doing what it does best. Why slow it down with scraping.

    Once you build your list, or buy your list, SER will easily crank through the list with the right settings, proxies, and captcha service.

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