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I'm not getting any submitted/verified links (GSA Search Engine Ranker)

solessoles Ukraine
edited March 2019 in Other / Off Topic
Hey, I'm a newbie in gsa at all. Wanna buy search engine ranker, but didn't get any submitted or verified links at all.
Also, here's dropping a notification sometimes like "No targets to post to (maybe blocked by search engines, no scheduled posting)". I guess it could be cos of public proxies. About mail, i'm using one from my own domain and it's all-catch e-mail. At the end i wanted to add, that i'm not using any captcha solving services except for a free one, probably that's the matter. 
Btw It's a demo version of the soft and it worked about 24 hours

If here's not enough info, I can attach screens of my settings or answer any your question. Have a good time ;)


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