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Expired Domain Scraper Not Working for GSA Content Generator

A few hours ago I wanted to pay for this tool.

But there seems to be a problem.

I gave it a test run and discovered that the "expired domain name" article scrapping no longer works.

It runs for sometime and says no article found, even for keywords such as weight loss.

Are you aware that this function no longer works.

Note: I used proxies.

Have you tried it recently, if not, can you try it yourself?

Please advice me 



  • SvenSven
    Actually I tried it and it worked for me. You asked that same some days ago on another forum when @s4nt0s gave me that information and I tried to debug it.
    The problem with parsing expired domains service is, that they quickly block you when doing too many requests. It worked fine for me but after a couple of tries did no longer.
  • PassionpluxPassionplux South Of Eden
    Thanks man.

    So it means that for it work for a longer period , one has to change proxies frequently?
  • SvenSven
    Yes, either that, or use a lot proxies as on each request, a new one is used.
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