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Reverification just once

londonseolondonseo London, UK
edited March 2019 in Bugs
@sven - on each run of reverification SER does not always remove links that have been deleted.

As soon as reverificaton finishes and you restart it again and again, SER still finds more links that have been deleted.

Usually I have to reverify like 5 - 7 times before it finds everything

Can you make it to get it right the 1st time?



  • SvenSven
    is that for tier projects?
  • londonseolondonseo London, UK
    Not tiered projects
  • SvenSven
    Re-verification is done according to your settings....meaning that it will not reverify all links but only those old enough.
  • londonseolondonseo London, UK
    @sven - I mean when doing it manually

    Please try this yourself.
  • SvenSven
    edited March 2019
    Ah you mean from the show verified urls dialog? Are you using proxies?
  • londonseolondonseo London, UK
    No I mean by stopping a project and running the reverify option
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