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Have you noticed a change in the google pagerank behavior?

bloupbloupbloupbloup Spain
edited March 2019 in Other / Mixed
I have noticed a change in the google pagerank behavior and I wanted to know if I was the only one.
Before it was possible to point all GSA SER generated links to the homepage and the google juice was spread over the website. Now, I have the feeling that it is more efficient to point to every URL.
for example, you have a homepage about tyre types and sub page about changing a tyre. If you directly point to changing the tyre, you get more traffic than if you would send the generated links to the homepage.

I also noticed that creating lots of backlinks to a page with thin content (few sentence, just an image, category page) was now useless. 

What do you think? Did you notice something like that?


  • By the past, when I started to use GSA SER, 5 years ago, I had good results pointing to a homepage. However, I discovered that google juice didn't spread to some web pages. On the other hand, I feel like all pages that directly received backlinks got a better position.
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