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How can I use only existing accounts to post, no new registrations

Thought I'll easily find an answer to such a beginner's question, but after looking through tons of googled forum posts I still haven't found an answer. They all are about how to ALSO use/import existing accounts. I want to EXCLUSIVELY use existing accounts. How do I do that.
I know of course how to switch off site list and stop GSA SER from searching new URLs. 
But my understanding is that when I want to post to existing accounts i have to import the URLs as target URLs. 
And then the program always tries to create new accounts on those sites, too. Can I stop that somehow?


  • SvenSven
    1. Create a file holding your accounts int he following format:
    2. right click on project->modify->import->account data
    Make sure you have all possibilities disabled to get new targets (search engine box and options below). << you don't seem to want that I guess
    Also make sure that the project has the engine enabled that your accounts are from (e.g. wordpress, drupal...).
  • Thanks Sven, I did that, but because they're all Web 2.0s (handled by SEREngines) the system immediately tries to create accounts on those properties (e.g. wordpress, bravenet, hatenablog...) rather than just use the existing ones.
  • SvenSven
    Ahh, because they have "fixed URLs" that case try the following:
    disable all checkboxes of email account. That would only use them for verification and SER can no longer create new accounts.

  • Ah that's clever,  of course! Thanks!
  • Help! I don't seem to be able to get imported accounts to do something.
    I've now reduced everything to one engine:, so that I eliminate the SEREngine variable. 
    I import a Plurk account, and the system runs loops trying to set up a new account, never uses the imported one. 

  • SvenSven
    try the following first....
    1. right click on project->modify->delete unused accounts
    2. import again by modify->import->account data and answer yes when asked to submit to them.
  • uff that did the job. Thanks. Turns out all the plurk accounts were deleted in the meantime, but I now was successful with some Serengines accounts as well. 
    So something must have gone wrong on the first import...
  • Do you need to create a text file or a csv file to import?
  • SvenSven
    text file with url:login:password as format.
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