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All activity stopped. And I don't know why.

Remember I commented about a project hanging and waiting for a single thread to finish and it never times out?
Well today I ran into an even weirder thing. I've updated emails in a project and set it "active" as the only one to check. After some time I saw "T:2" (at 200 threads in the options) for a few minutes and thought I will screenshot it, so I can show the problem with hanging threads.
But, two minutes later, those two threads finished with success, and the project stopped. No error, just the message "Project stopped!"
What could be the reason? I don't have a pause set in "how to submit/verify", there are proxies, I have not hit the stop button or set the project to inactive etc. It is set up to use the global site list (verified) which contains thousands of target urls etc. etc. 
I have screenshots and left it hanging as it is, if you have any idea what else to look for.


  • SvenSven
    what was in the log window shown?
  • This is from right now. half an hour later already. No move
  • SvenSven
    Very strange indeed. There isn't even a single sign why it would do that. All I can think of is a exception that stopped the project as the memory usage is low.
  • Ok, I'll now hand-stop, restart and run only this project again, see what happens.
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