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Blacklist Alert

edited March 2013 in Feature Requests

It will be a great feature if you can check every x hours if the email address is in a blacklist. If yes then put some alert in the project so we can change the email addreess inmediatelly.



  • I doubt that Sven is going to do this (at least for a while). In the mean time, here is a way you can do it (free).

    Download this program that will check the status of your email accounts and send you an email if they are listed.

    It is a command line program with no scheduling available, so download this free scheduling program and have set it up to run how ever often you want.
  • Yeah, what davida2 said. I am also going to release a neat little account creator for emails that should take care of this blacklisting problem once and for all. It's in beta right now and the testers are getting great results.

    In future releases of the account creator+ it will have email blacklist checker built in.
  • i requested this, sven is working on something for this. and maybe this new email feature will solve the blacklist issue for a while.
  • Great info guys. Thanks. I will try this script until sven will make this feature. 
  • someone please wake up leeG to explain why thats nonesense..
  • edited March 2013
    @theorbital is right, the account creator is great. and like leeG i'm feeding stop forum spam to death with all the new mails i can create now :D they can't eat them as fast as i'm creating new ones with this beast

  • I have a nice private account creator too. Tis nice :D
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
    edited March 2013

    Last time I piped up about the subject, it stopped a lot of the panicking.

    People get worried about being listed in black lists.

    If it worries you that much, dont submit to those engines.

    As for Stop Forum Spam.

    They dont only log your email address, but also your ip

    So you find that your email is listed, are you also going to get your proxies changed at the same time?

    Using the list of sites listed to avoid getting on their list is futile and a waste of valuable spamming time with every database check done.

    The reason is simple. The sites listed are a very small fraction of those that use and contribute to their service

    By default, any website using the database is not listed there. Its an optional tick box to be displayed in their list of contributors. Why would anyone in their right mind be listed there and risk repercussions from black hatters that get listed in their database

    Being listed, does not mean you will be stopped from registering on any site that uses their database

    Everything about how webmasters use their system is configurable. Ip blocking, email blocking, how long they check the database for, ie last month, 3 months etc

    As with anything, when I prove a point, if I can, an example to show being listed is not the be all and end all

    A couple of examples of ips listed

    If you look at those lists, you will see some emails have been listed multiple times

    So it means they have registered and only been added when posting links

    There are no set guidelines to what any site using the service to report spam has to follow.

    Some will add you for posting links, some just for adding links to profiles


    Last week, I added over 2000 new email addresses to my own campaigns over four days

    For the following reason, its worth doing

    This increases my footprint. Google wont catch on for a while that all links are being generated from the same 70 email accounts I had been using for three months.

    In all honesty, I should have seen a massive increase in verified by adding that amount of new email accounts. My verified have stayed about the same level.

    So Im not going to get fat eating an extra large portion of humble pie today

    The tool I used for creating the accounts is being developed by TheOrbital and its a beast

    A must have for simplicity of use and speed it creates new accounts, when it gets released




  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town

    1) have you found many sites disallowing hotmail accounts? 
    2) have you disabled the general options --> check blacklist option? Just curious...
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    To be honest, when it comes to the speed at which I submit links, checking to see if hotmail are banned is not an option :D

    I do between 10k to 15k submissions an hour

    I personally dont use black list options in ser

    It slows submissions, every site your posting to, gets a black list check

    That might not sound much, but its enough to slow things down

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    What's the risk of disabling the check blacklist? You're going to get on those lists anyway if you post to why the check on all platforms? As you say @LeeG it has to slow things down a lot!
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
    Another way to look at if, you you get all your emails black listed there, no need to run the database of stop forum spam sites, because you cant register anyway :D
  • @LeeG...Re: "I personally dont use black list options in ser"

    Not sure I understand this correctly. Are you saying that you also disable the 'Skip submission if the url/domain is appearing on one of the following blacklists' option? And this means you don't care if you post/get links from known malware/phishing sites?

    Just looking for clarification here. Not saying either way is wrong.

  • I don't have that option checked either as I had noticed it was slowing down a lot of  my submissions.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    I dont use any of the black list checkers

    If you are scraping urls as you go, chances are google will have removed any with malicious content

    Each black list check, adds time to submissions

    Any list is only as good as the data entered into it

    Why waste time?

    The black list checks were added to ser in the early days because someone thought it would be good because scrapebox does similar

    But thats only my opinion, I wont say do or dont use them

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